Ad Lab on Demand

I had a great time chatting with Alex Schlinsky and Brian Downard, the brilliant duo behind Prospecting On Demand.

These lads are passionate about helping marketers. And on their weekly podcast called The Get More Clients Show, we talked about how agencies can ensure finding in-motion and high-value prospects.

Here is the full interview. It was a fun one. 


Alex Schlinsky  0:00  

Brian. This is a miracle. Rob we have just done something that we have never done before ever. We started a Facebook Live on time. Brian and I are consistently late on every single Get More Clients Show. And we don’t want to be we don’t want to be late. We want to be on time. In fact we want to be early we are just we’re just bad at it. Admittedly, we’re just not we’re just not good at I’m so proud of as Brian. 

Brian Downard  0:30  

Good, you should be, but you’re going to be sad I may have to get up for like 30 seconds so we’re just gonna dive in we’re gonna make it happen

Alex Schlinsky  0:38  

Look at this fucking guy.

Brian Downard  0:40  

I have a three month old baby and all three dogs in this house has a lot of shit going on. So I’m making it happen for you guys.

Alex Schlinsky  0:49  

At least everyone now can see Rob that he’s wearing pants so at least we’re good there. So now we know we know with me and you might be a mystery. Who knows? You’ll never know guys you’ll never know because see I have a I unlike Brian. I have a fancy button. It just works when you look check it.

Brian Downard  1:19  

If I was a betting man. I would say Alex has basketball shorts on that are much bigger that fit him. That’d be my guess

Rob Warner  1:30  

Alex has the same problem I have. Most shorts I like come down below the knee.

Brian Downard  1:42  

Most short I buy are  like women’s shorts shorts.

Alex Schlinsky  1:50  

Oh my god. That’s incredible. It’s good to see all of you hope you are all well. Welcome to our classic pre show where we just shoot the shit and talk about things that don’t make any sense and are completely irrelevant. In today’s show, we talked about Brian’s crappy anti hustle ID you literally cannot see at all what it says Not at all. 

Brian Downard  2:09  

My new web cam is garbage. So I’m not very happy.

Alex Schlinsky  2:13  

Look at mine though. It’s kind of like shiny. One day, I’ll look like a professional one day. Today is not that day, though. So it’s all good. One day, one day, we’ll get there. Everyone that is here. Thanks so much for joining us really appreciate it. We’re gonna do the actual show here in just a second and start The Get More Clients Show. We’re always excited to have you here in our Facebook group. We do all to Get More Clients Shows live, we always do like a little bit of a pre show for a couple minutes to shoot the shit with our guest. Last week, We did a great a great workshop with Matt Shields last week about hitting 200k a month in your agency. This week, we have an even better show, in my opinion, talking with Rob Warner, the former owner of Invisible PPC, we’ll get into that in just a bit. And his amazing new tool that he is going to share today about having How you find in motion and high value prospects for your agency, it’s a lot better, it looks a lot nicer. Looks a lot better. He’s also sponsoring our upcoming Chicago event, which is gonna be a lot of fun. We’re going to be inviting a few guests in Chicago out to the event. Outside of the POD fam, we expect to have about 50 of you out there. So I think we’ll probably have five spots for guests I believe. So if you want to be one of those people to see myself Brian, Rob and the entire POD fam. live and in person at a rooftop venue. Amazing penthouse venue in Chicago. We’d love to see you. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, man, it’s gonna be great June 10 and 11th. With that said, I’m going to hit the record button on our end and we’re going to get this party started in 321. What’s going on guys, Alex Schlinsky here for The Get More Clients Show. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to listen to this amazing podcast that I know you just love. It’s always the first listen every single day even though we only do it once a week. So somehow you’re just listening to podcasts over and over. We appreciate it. As always I’m joined by my wonderful guest host and co host we’re not guest hosts I screwed that up but it’s all good. Brian Downard how you doing buddy?

Brian Downard  4:16  

I can guest host I can co host I’m good man great living the dream. 

Alex Schlinsky  4:19  

Today’s guest is Mr. Rob Warner himself, the former owner of invisible PPC and today going to be showcasing what he’s been working on in the trenches kind of like Dark Knight style like he’s got Albert in the in the backend. He’s also British. So it works for this amazing metaphor. He’s like working on some things in the backend that you haven’t seen in a while and he’s going to share some of it today for all of you if you are not watching this one I would recommend watching it I’m guessing Rob we’re going to be doing some actual like sharing of screen and showing some stuff so if you’re not watching this one you definitely want to it’ll be on our YouTube page on replay or it will also be in our Facebook group. As always, we always do these in Seven Figure Sales Savages Live. If you are live with us hit that like or love button. If you’re not live with us, but you are watching on replay and you want to go back you can still do a like or love that works for us, Rob, how you doing, man?

Rob Warner  5:08  

Good to be here, Alex. I’m good. I’m good. I’m back home in the UK. And we even have something called sun. Yeah, we have the sun out today. So I think today is the day for 2022.

Alex Schlinsky  5:23  

That’s the only thing we have in Florida. Brian just told me I think earlier last week earlier this week, it snowed in Michigan in April, which is insane. I can’t fathom that. It’s pretty wild,

Brian Downard  5:36  

but 80 degrees tomorrow. So I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just we’re figuring it out. We’re gonna get to summer real soon.

Alex Schlinsky  5:42  

So, real quick note, before we get started into the show, I’ve known Rob for some time, probably four or five years at this point, which is crazy. About three years ago, we did a we did a podcast for him, with InvisiblePPC, myself, Rob, I still had a shitty setup. But this time I have a light. So that’s cool. Also, a light half covered by my head, but whatever. It’s all good. We’re not here to talk about my not effective setups, but someone that opted in to join us for today’s show. Shout out to Rad or RK as he likes to be called. He was like, I remember watching this a couple years ago. And he sent it. Rob, I think the date of the podcast was 2018. Okay, freaking crazy. Long time ago, I didn’t watch any of it. It was an hour and a half, which was wild. I mean, wow, that’s a that’s a long podcast episode. Don’t remember what we spoke about. Exactly. That’s a it’s an interesting, interesting blast from the past to check it out. But I thought that was pretty cool that someone dropped that in. Hopefully today will be just as memorable for all of you so that we can, you know, help you and support you as you grow your business. Moving forward. So without further ado, let’s talk about what obviously the title of today’s show is all about, which is ensuring that we’re going to find high value prospects for your agency. This is such an important and necessary thing for your business. And everyone struggles with prospecting. It’s why our company is called prospecting on demand. And it’s really valuable, what Rob is going to be talking about today with his unique tool that will get you the insights you need to defeat all of your competitors and ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. Before that, though, we got to talk a little bit about IPPC. What happened? Right, what happened with this incredible white label company you had you built it from the ground up, you sold it? How did this happen? Tell us a little bit about it. And then let’s dive into how that kind of converted into the business you have today.

Rob Warner  7:39  

So I’ve set and visible originally around 2012. So it’s coming up on 10 years this year. And we’ve grown it was invisible was an accidental business, I did not mean to start an agency, I was broke, I asked for some help. I said yes. And then one person asked another person after another person. Eventually I started helping agencies. And next thing I know I’ve got a team 30,40 people in our agency. So I was always at heart, a software guy who ended up as an accidental agency owner. And I am blessed and grateful for it introduced me to a community I would otherwise never have seen. It showed us so much about the online space and digital marketing in general, that it was a wonderful kind of thing. But if you’ve just about going pre COVID, I’ve reached the point mentally where I’ve been doing that thing. Seven years at that point, that’s a long time. As long as I’ve done anything in my life apart from my marriage, it’s the longest thing I’ve ever done. And so it’s like, that’s a long time to do the same thing. And started playing with software, again, which was something I always loved, did spectacularly badly for quite some time, obviously, then we had the kind of COVID period, which was all very, very strange. And I decided that my heart was no longer in running an agency. And I felt, here’s the problem with the white label agency. It’s a bit like Fight Club. Nobody talks about it, because you’re kind of like everybody’s dirty little secret. Nobody wants to admit that they white label, because otherwise, why does the client need to talk to you? Why don’t you just talk direct to people who do the work. So I felt we could have more impact as a business with taking all the skills and knowledge that we’ve learned over those 10 years, packaged them into tools that people could talk about people could be proud about, and I could have a much bigger impact than they ever could in an agency. So let’s summe I spent getting Invisible ready for sale. We hired a broker. And the sale for me was all about finding the right buyer at a fair price, rather than any buyer at the best price. Does that make sense?

Alex Schlinsky  10:16  

To me? No, because I’m looking just for the most amount of money possible. But to most people, yes.

Rob Warner  10:23  

I had to leave it in good hands. The last thing I wanted to do is go hey team, by the way, I just got a big check. You all just lost your jobs. See ya 

Brian Downard  10:38  

Alex told me that’s been his plan the whole time. So

Alex Schlinsky  10:44  

Dustin knows I’m desperately trying to find a buyer for pod so I can get out of this guy’s life. Oh, my God.

Rob Warner  10:52  

We found a wonderful buyer in Texas, a guy by the name of Avi Kumar. And we closed the deal in November. So as of November, I am a former agency owner, and now full time SaaS builder and marketer

Alex Schlinsky  11:09  

Incredible, incredible. Let me just ask real quick before we kick it to Brian, how does it like joking aside, we’ve done a lot of joking so far. And I’ll go back to the serious format here. How does that feel like? Most people don’t get the chance to sell a company, let alone a company that you built, you know, nearly a decade working in, you know, how does it feel? What does that experience been like for you? 

Rob Warner  11:31  

I think I may have mentioned this once to you before, but the very short version of this is through a very strange quirk of fate. In a completely unplanned series of events. The day we actually sold I gnvisible. I was sat by myself in a hotel room in Orlando in the rain. I signed the papers digitally online. I got a notification from escrow money was coming in and I sat there for about an hour hitting refresh on my bank account. I kid you not until it became apparent when they got lost in transit. And it was a week before I got it. But that’s another story. Yeah, Bank of America. Well, wonderful. No. It was horrible. But it was very strange, because it was kind of like, well, I’ve done it. But the team with customers in transition, the team was the still asking questions. I was still in the Slack channels, I was still getting an email. I was talking to the new owners. It was like, everything changed. And nothing changed. If that makes sense, it didn’t feel real. The point at which it actually felt real, was the day I handed over our Google Ads MCC account. And I became no longer the primary owner of that at that point. Because that meant that our Google Ads Account, we enter the 5000 agent client accounts in that Google Ads Managerto account, that’s how big it got. So when I handed over the keys to that, that was the most tangible, strange part of the whole process. When I still speak to them every week, I still speak to owners every single week. We still help them I’m still their biggest cheerleader, I hope to remain so because I think they’re doing great stuff. And I also think of you as a new owner is better than me, because he’s engaged. He’s committed it look, he’s a great process person, which I’m, I’m a terrible process person. So it’s good to have people like that around. And that’s that’s basically who I was. But it’s it’s very strange, but I recommend it. I would say just that that is whether you plan to sell your agency or not building why you’re going to sell it, A or B A dumpsite more fun to run a B as hell of a lot more valuable when you come to sell it. So build like you’re going to sell even if you’re not.

Brian Downard  13:58  

Awesome feedback. Thank you. So I’d love to turn the spotlight on what you’re currently working on. And I recently watched a demo of what it does. And please correct me at any point if I misspeak or I share anything incorrectly, but what really stood out to me was being able to find people already advertising to compile for who you would do outreach to which a lot of times in companies it’s much easier to move money from one thing to another than it is to create money or spend more new money on something else. So that to me was like the most genius thing that I saw there but I’d love for you just to kind of share what you saw the need in the marketplace for this tool was and and kind of how

Rob Warner  14:41  

you’re spot on Brian. So last summer, or last spring actually was about almost a year ago now. I needed a list of plumbers advertising on Google that I could outreach to well,  I needed the list. So I went to all the tools you might think of, you know, spying tools and those kinds of things. Epic Fail could not get a list of advertisers, I’ve got a handful. And it’s like, okay, yes, there is some data that but it’s massively incomplete. And I’ve still got to do lots of lookups to find contact information, that kind of stuff. So that fails. So then I tried to kind of like the lead finder tools. And you know, like, the D7s was there, zoom info all these things that claim to find what, they don’t work either, because they don’t know whether advertising on Google, I can find out job titles over there. So on one hand, I can find, I can’t find a complete list of advertisers I knew that can’t find contacts. It’s like, okay, so I hired a guy on a job board and said, Here’s a process I think might work build me a CSV. So that’s all I asked to build a CSV of contacts, and then they built me one. And that’s really handy. Could you give me a couple more data points build, another one comes back in about three or four rounds into this, this guy who was now getting on with quite well, so why don’t we pull the a UI on this, and you can just get yourself to do it for yourself, whatever you want to ask a question. Let’s do that. So we put a little UI on it. A month goes on.this project is great, cool, can I have a job. Yeah, all right. And we kind of accidentally through solving our own problem, stumbled into a SaaS. And when we mentioned it to other people, they kind of went, yeah, we’ve got exactly the same problem we can’t do is either the data or the data that’s available is garbage. Can we have it? And we’re like, you’re right. So we’ve got SaaS. And it’s amazing. That’s how it all started.

Brian Downard  16:51  

That’s amazing. So I’m curious, I love the mechanism for which we’re going to compile the list. We teach a lot of prospecting here, obviously, a prospecting on demand. And email has gotten a pretty bad rap over the last couple of years. deliverability issues, of course, response rates, what are you seeing with a good email campaign, you know, through this medium, as in terms of a response rate? And of course, it’s all going to depend on what the content is, or The copy says, But I’m curious what you’re seeing, and should people not be sleeping on this one, a lot of people probably think, Oh, no cold emails not working, like it used to.

Rob Warner  17:28  

But here’s the thing. As for an exact number. I won’t give you one because I don’t have all that and give you insights into what we have along the path. And the reason I don’t have exact numbers is because everybody, has their own G Suite account their own mail grid account. So basically, the response is not me. But what we do know. What we’ve seen massively is the days of spray and pray, mass generic email, in my view are gone. There’s just too much of it. It’s low value, it’s garbage. In other kind of, hey, could you handle 10 more appointments this week, no hit reply for a conversation, it’s been done to death, people are overwhelmed with non value added nonspecific email outreach. And so when we set about building that, and so if we’re gonna do email outreach, let’s deliver value into people’s inboxes, let’s deliver data that they cannot get for themselves about their own advertising spend. So rather than showing up as quite frankly, a pain in the ass with no value and just an ask, let’s show it with value, let’s show them showing something they haven’t seen before. And engage them that way. And we find people responded really positively to it. And we find you don’t much of this, the framework that we’re talking about as advertisers, just make it clear, you don’t have to sell advertising. You mentioned, Brian, before the call. The key important thing, is are they spending money on ads, because it indicates the willingness to spend, if you’re spending money on Google, it’s generally not cheap. So it indicates a a decent budget. That indicates that they’ll have to convert a lead. So there’s lots of indicators there by the fact they’re spending money on one of the most expensive online platforms around. So we use that as a mechanism to say, hey, let’s look at a bunch of different angles and different messages that we can use with this data to sell whatever service is appropriate. That matters to us. That might be landing page design. It might be a chat bot on your website. It might be PPC, it might be SEO support it it might be local service ads, it can be anything else. We use the data points as a hook to open the door. Does that make sense? Yeah, we get great feedback from that.

Brian Downard  19:56  

And and so glad you brought this up. I’d like If we can transition now into how this tool can be utilized for sure, I wanted to just share and you please take this Rob and anyone else watching this, like, what could you possibly say to a person who’s currently running ads and have a script and a framework you can use so one of our clients, we created the scripts together and works extremely well, because it leads with value. And a lot of times people try and leave too much value, in my opinion, where they do like a whole customer loom video, it’s like 5-10 minutes long. Like, that’s way too much time for you, you have this expectation of someone who doesn’t know you is going to watch a five to 10 minute long video, probably not. So this script is a good balance of that. Where you know, it kind of leads in to right here is that little bit of an intro that probably is overused. But I think you would swap this out for Hey, I noticed you guys are running Google Ads wanted to share this ad we’ve been running for roofers as well. It’s working extremely well, here’s a link to it wanted to share with us an act of goodwill. We do this for other roofers with a guarantee of 20 appointments every 45 days, not just leads with this be helpful, not really. So it’s a really great frame to swap this beginning part out to be specific to what you know, they’re doing, Hey, you did your research, they’re running some ads, and you can then add value and the position for Hey, this is what we can help you do if it’s better than what you’re currently doing. So I just wanted to kind of hopefully for everyone watching give you something you could use with what we’re about to get into right now.

Rob Warner  21:28  

Yeah, and I’ll show some templates. We’ve got a you can screenshot if you watch the video back, because we do things like hey, you know, when we see your the number five ranked plumber in Tampa, would you like to see the ads that the number one advertiser in Tampa has that sort of stuff. And Brian, hit it on the head with a five minute loom video, we don’t have a killer. Let’s think about it. You know, in terms of date, you know, let’s start with a coffee. But let’s offer them a coffee, when maybe we’ll go out for lunch, and maybe on day three, it’s delivered. Let’s let’s not take him to try and do that on step one with a five minute loom video.

Brian Downard  22:07  

Sure, exactly, exactly. And again, the expectation, you think of someone else was going to watch a stranger’s video, like put yourself in their shoes? Do you watch five minute videos from strangers on the internet? I don’t like if someone’s like, my I don’t even see it when they looking for that. 

Alex Schlinsky  22:21  

Yeah, I think that’s the biggest thing. I want you to talk and show us about PPC Ad lab and what you’ve been working on. When you showed this to me a few months back, I was really excited. And I think every single person in the POD community and in this Facebook group that we run with 6000 of you, yes, you should be utilizing this tool, because this tool allows you to find companies that are already in motion and showing them a deficit showing them this is where you are. And this is where you want to be. And this is where your competition is that that ammo that it gives you in prospecting is un matched Brian, I’ve almost come to a position of like everything in outbound prospecting is a means to an end, because there isn’t a tool that exists like this. So you would just have to do ads. This tool gives you the extension of not having to do ads for longer, because you have more ammunition and can create more value for them and more desire for them than just hey, can you you know, want 10 more leads? Why don’t you show us what PPC Ad lab is all about proud.

Rob Warner  23:28  

All right. I’m gonna I’m sharing my screen now. Can you see that? Okay. Yes, sir. Not first thing I’ll say when is when it’s for anybody watching this video, probably by the end of the next week, what you’re about to see will be out of date. And as much as we release new features into this tool every single week. So every week, it gets smarter, and we listen and we move stuff. So by the time you play with this tool, it may even not look like this, but you get the idea. So let me let me first of all show you if it’s okay with you guys, Alex and Brian, I’d like to do is show you how to get a week’s worth of prospects in three minutes.

Alex Schlinsky  24:10  

A weeks worth of prospects in three minutes. Sounds awesome.

Rob Warner  24:13  

All right. So first thing we’re going to do this is our PPC Ad lab dashboard. And what we do is we call it we run what we call jobs and a job is simply a campaign for prospecting or we talked about it in prospecting terms I’m not going to talk about today but some people use it for monitoring clients. Some people use it for brand protection people use it for other things, not just prospecting. Google managers use this but we think for today in terms of prospecting so first thing we’re gonna do is gonna say give it a name. I wanna  get some prospects. So I’m going to do let’s go I’m gonna say check Google 50 times um, To check it hourly, I can choose a profile of how frequently I want to check Google, from every five minutes down to Monday to Friday, nine to five, down to you can choose a custom profile of whatever you want for prospecting. What I normally do is start a job on a Monday morning, and we’re in it for seven days, because then I get a full week’s profile of a market. Okay, I get to see what the shape of that market looks like for one whole week. But for this, we can do it hourly. And that just previous way it’s going to run, I tell it where I want to check. Where am I interested? Now, if you’ve ever played any tools before, you’ll know that they generally you can’t choose locations. We’ve got 102,000 targetable locations in here. If it’s in Google ads, it’s in our tool

Brian Downard  25:52  


Rob Warner  25:56  

52,000 of which are in the US alone. So down to every zip code, airport, Metro. You name it, we’ve got it

Brian Downard  26:04  

also another question how many cities are there in the United States, oh, my gosh, there’s only 19,500

Rob Warner  26:10  

zip codes and those kinds of things as metros, and you name it. So let’s get a week’s worth of prospects in here. So I’m gonna go choose from my saved locations list. And just make it really easy. And we’re going to top 10 cities in the US. But the top 10 by population, this isn’t a comment about how good or bad they are as a living experience. So top 10 Most pub, we’ve got lists for top 10, top 25 50, top 100. And we’ve got that for about half a dozen countries. But if I wanted, I could use literally a bunch of zip codes if you want hyperlocal results. Because that code you get everybody’s advertising that give us some search terms that we’re interested in. Let’s say I know whatever you get the idea, okay, we can say the list of search terms that we’re interested in, really simple. Now for device, choose Desktop. Okay. press Go. That’s it, it took me longer to explain it. Than it’ll take you you to do it.

Alex Schlinsky  27:26  

That’s incredible.

Rob Warner  27:29  

When that’s done, and here’s, I’ll show you how it gets better in it. Let me show you the results that gets for you first, and then I’ll show you how you make that even better. So let’s just pick up some results. And I’ll show you some. So first thing that I did a couple of tests about if you go through a webinar, which was 10 cities, three key words, ran it for how not long at all, it was really a really short test. And you can see for here, we’ve got over five pages of advertisers that we found in a couple of hours just running this test, these were obviously all plumbers. Wow, let’s talk about so first thing is we know, here’s a list of advertisers. That’s a proven list of the advertisers. Typically, if you compare it to any of the other tools, we find 10 times more appetizers than they do. So you’ve got a 10x level of input. It’s sometimes 12 times but it’s at least 10. But here’s what we know about let’s let’s look at these guys, anytime plumbing for no particular reason other than I should pick them as a starting point. So we know when we saw their ad, when we saw that against 390 other competitors, that 390 that list I just showed you. That’s 390 appetizers, you’ve got to prospected that all on that screen we came from a minute ago.

Brian Downard  29:00  

What city was this? Or is this a pretty wide net?

Rob Warner  29:04  

Until you I find that

Brian Downard  29:08  

crazy that there would be 300 Plumbers Oh God, that makes more sense. It

Rob Warner  29:13  

was 10 cities. That was 10 cities.

Brian Downard  29:16  

That makes way more sense. I love this so much though, because we talk to our clients about being super intentional with their outreach and identifying dream clients and in my mind, businesses who can afford Google ads specifically because it’s some of the highest clicks and like cost, most people are probably making decent money and have the wherewithal to make and make the investment. This makes all the stuff I’ve been teaching around like hiring a VA to like scrape this manually obsolete. I like this going into our SOP

Rob Warner  29:51  

so Exactly. But here’s the thing that you said how many here’s a result from our database that we know, on average, wonky Word, one location. So a city one week tested, we will see 50 advertisers, one keyword, if you increase that to two keywords that will grow and it will grow again with and so on. So the most competitive one we have seen so far was 134 advertisers on one keyword in one city in a week. Can you? Can you imagine how competitive that is? 134 advertisers on one keyword in one location?

Brian Downard  30:34  

Yeah, that’s an insane amount of money. I’m sure I have to pay for those clicks. Exactly how they unfair to people at the bottom of the barrel? Like where did their ads even get placed? Like, here’s the and here’s

Rob Warner  30:45  

the point. And you’ll see this in a second. So first thing is on this summary page, you’ve got a ton of summary level stats, I’m going to show you through a few of these things. And I’ll show you why is massive. So first thing is we know all the top ads that this particular advertiser is running when their extensions, including phone numbers, and anything else, but we also know all the top seen ads in the market. So we know that this was the number one most seen ad in this result, that with this particular ad with this copy was seen 36 times in position number two in Austin on that search term. We know with precise detail, who is advertising the most what their advertising says. So you know what you’re up against? Does that make sense?

Brian Downard  31:36  

Yeah, absolutely.

Alex Schlinsky  31:38  

Look at look at how much available info and ammunition you have to just dominate your prospect.

Rob Warner  31:45  

You want to make this particular screen even cooler. Just for example, filter, it should say, Alicia NASA, I’ve got price point in them. Okay, I’m gonna give him this even

Brian Downard  31:56  

This will help you run high performing campaign. Once you have the client as well, I personally just hire IPPC to do the white labeling for me because I’m lazy. But this is a great tool. If you’re in the weeds like that.

Rob Warner  32:09  

Funnily enough on IPPC is on our customer list

Brian Downard  32:14  

This is a great lead in for you to be like the people get leaves Wait, where do I go service them, you just got to kick back from your old company. So but look at

Rob Warner  32:20  

the difference here $75 off of same day service $60 Off $25 Off, you know very quickly who’s competitive in the market. And you can use this in your conversation. So we know about ad copy. So that’s interesting. So that’s a good starting point for us. Let’s get make it more interesting. Let’s look at the competition. Who’s in the market? Well, of course. So this shows us here we did 300 checks in total. So we did three of the total searches of the 300 router router we’re seeing 292 times number one. But look what happens as you come down the page, you know, 1234, the fifth advertiser is only now seen 105 times that’s 1/3 of the visibility of the number one advertiser, and we’ve only got the top five. If you look at this chart in full.

Rob Warner  33:23  

It’s unreal. We know for a fact that all of these people down here are trying to run Google ads. They can’t even get their ads shown. If you’re not getting your ads shown on your show is how long getting clicks and inquiries. This is what 800 Any time which was our process, because we were looking at this is where they are. They were saying My God.

Alex Schlinsky  33:48  

Alright, Brian, I think we should quit POD and make a plumbing agency and just reach out to all these clients.

Brian Downard  33:55  

Let’s let’s ask a tough question, though. So in a market that’s this competitive, and you’re likely not going to get one of the top advertising on it like roto Rooter, Angie and HomeAdvisor are those sites that they want you to go to? Because they recommend other people on there. They basically do this on their own sites, like people who are midway down the list, how do they realistically get better results without just spending more money? What if that’s not possible for them? Does? Does it advertise the ability to create better copy? All those things make a massive difference? In your opinion? What’s your opinion?

Rob Warner  34:26  

So to several strategies here, let me give you a couple of top strategies. I just ran this as a simple test on three search terms. If you’re being more targeted, and you’re managing this for a client, run it on their top 10 or 20 search terms. And what you’ll find is that there is a there is a huge discrepancy in the number of advertisers on search terms. And we’ve done a mathematical correlation. I’ve got a mathematician on staff. And we’ve proved the deeper the complex, the complex to call for a search term, ie more advertisers on it, the more expensive the clicks, the harder harder is to get your ads shown. So look for those search terms with fewer competitors. Okay, So strategy number one. If you look at this AC repair had 248 different advertisers on it, page back and 57. All right. So can we make that search term work if we can make that search term was far less competition on? Mine?

Brian Downard  35:32  

I like that. It’s like, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Go ahead.

Rob Warner  35:37  

So number one, choose search terms. With fewer advertisers advertising, you can make work. Okay, number two, write better ad copy. Google, provably rewards click through rate. It’s in their metrics were mathematically modeled it rewards click through rate and lower CP since now we know what all the top ads are running for every keyword in this thing, we can figure out how to write better ad copy to stand out and beat them. Okay, so when so number one and number two, choose less competitive keywords, write better ad copy number three, look at the schedule. You see, I only ran this for a couple of hours a day and a half. What you will see if we just pick one location here, for example, I will just filter this and pick one what are the cities that were ran for? So we’ll look to pick one location. Let’s go Chicago, she’s having an event. Some other people saw in Chicago. What this shows is the darker than the box, the bigger the number, the more advertisers we saw in that time slot. Okay. So what we want to do is look for times of day when there are a few our advertisers, it’s typically going to be early mornings, overnight evenings, weekends, look for when your key competitors on advertising. So if we want to say okay, when is I don’t know? What’s the name? roto rooter wasn’t roto Rooter, let’s see what time they run their ads. Is there any time of day, they’re not running ads, or we’re not seeing them. In this case, they’re running 24/7 We’ve seen them. So we know that renewal allowance for those gaps in the schedule. So we can do change keywords change ad copy, change schedule, we could change devices and bid more on mobile. Other things is obviously have better conversion mechanisms on page. So better landing pages, better chat buttons, better offers. They’re all levers that we can pull, we can add local service ads into the mix, we can do better map stuff. So we can do lots of things to counter this and offer strategies knowing that those people in the mid table are going to be in pain. Does that make sense?

Brian Downard  38:01  

Yeah, 100%. This reminds me a bit of sharing earlier about less competitive keywords were when I was learning more about SEO ranking. For longtail keywords specifically, don’t try and go for like the big buzzword like pick a longer version of that that is less competitive.

Rob Warner  38:19  

Yeah, and get super clever with your negatives as well really map those out. So we know we have all this data. So So when this is the kind of data we’ve got to share, now clearly, you want to be able to share this intelligently and share it in a way that is your nobody wants to send out reports as PPC Ad lab on I mean great by that. So what we recommend you do is in here we’ve got a white label function, where you put it on your own domain with your own branding, your own color schemes, your own logos, your own contact forms, chat buttons, whatever. So for example, I’ve got one here set up a product to log into it but having a second with Oakley logo is linked to color schemes, you get the same application but then what we can do is if we come back to here a second where it was a minute ago, it’s the same data so nothing’s changed. I come into backhoe one 800 Anytime. You’ll see here we have this little button here that if I come to it and I I’m going to stop my share a second and restart it I’m going to share my entire screen so you can see this

Rob Warner  39:43  

very open a new window we now have a white label report on your domain when you’re brand new specifically for that one client with your phone number on it contact with your chat buttons wherever you want on the page. put a like on there. So we are able to send people to their own personalized page where we can talk them through this. And to get to that point.

Brian Downard  40:14  

Yeah, I love this feature. So I think you were just getting to it. Is there a way apologize about that? Is there a way for you to do this at scale where the reports are individually distributed to each person with email, I think you might have just been getting that actually,

Rob Warner  40:32  

what we do, we create campaigns. And by the way, what you’re about to see now is not in our Live platform till tomorrow, so nobody, our customers haven’t seen this version of it, but not exactly this version. So the first thing you do is you create email templates. So I’m gonna show you one of ours. So for example, here’s the first Here’s one here, your Google Ads market report for your brand name. I see your advertising on this. As you said just a minute ago, Brian, very similar carpet, I’ve just prepared a report comparing the top and inserts dynamically, one of the variables from all that data you’ve just seen before, there’s a whole ton of variables here that you can pull directly in to personalize your email. So we can say, hey, comparing something so I can say, Hey, I see advertising for one 800 plumbing, I’ve just prepared a report comparing the top 390 advertisers in your area he and find it valuable, would you like it? It’s the cup of coffee offer. It’s really simple. So once we’ve created some template, it’s an email account emails like this. So I’ve got about 1237, or eight in here. Anything label template is automatically available to all our users already. We then create a campaign template, which is simply a multi step email sequence. Choose the schedule, choose when you want to email, so which email when you want it to go. And you’re done. And then final step is you’ll say, okay, so campaign is your part average. Choose which SMTP account you want to send from. So if you’ve got team members in the platform, you can choose which one you want to send from, and choose when you want it to go, and I’m going to send it from.

Rob Warner  42:39  

Now go and press Save. Your emails will now go out, every time we find a new advertiser, we’ll look at their contact details. We’ll find out their email information to the best of our ability, we won’t get 100%. But we’ll get a decent percentage, our automatically outreach to them, and they’ll get sent their emails. So when you do your five minutes on a Monday morning, you go create a job, press go create a campaign and say when you’ve got 50 rounds worth of data, so you’ve got enough data to be meaningful. So you’re not just sending it after one round the test you found for advertisers start sending emails to anybody you find on that list. And off it goes. And once it’s running, you can then look at reports of all performance, either a whole campaign level or individual recipient level. You get to see the whole site.

Brian Downard  43:40  

This is awful. I mean, I gotta say I’ve seen a lot of cold email and outreach tools and scraping tools like all in ones but very few have ever I don’t think any have ever gotten me actually excited about the potential here because of how intentional and specific it is. So this is excellent.

Rob Warner  43:57  

I refer it to being a scalpel rather than a shotgun, little machine gun. You know, this is not something that you will want to spray and pray 10,000 emails, you want to be intentional with it. I showed you 10 cities, my personal preference is to have one city 10 search terms one week, go. And so I can look at that one city and I can be really specific. I can write email copy related to that local area. I can make it you know, I can make sure I pick up a client for whatever service I’m offering in Tampa to plumbers that week. Because I’ve gone to win hearts and minds. We use each email to cover a different angle because some people are brand precious. Some people are competitor aware some people care about lost opportunity. So we use each one to create different messaging and different resonance so different individuals.

Brian Downard  44:52  

I love how this also replaces the need for a VA to do a lot of manual scraping for a good list. And I think into a lot of people, they do the spray and pray approach not only doing that way, but doing it inconsistently. Were almost going to try and make one big push on prospecting versus like, you’re saying, pick a city once a week, do intentional outreach there. And if you guys just commit to doing one city every single week, and you do that consistently for a month, two months, three months, you will start to stack up replies conversations. It’s inevitable. So you have to commit to doing longer term and little smaller chunks, in my opinion than trying to like, do 10,000 emails at one time, like, Well, that didn’t work. I’m gonna go try something else now. And here’s what

Rob Warner  45:35  

you can do. Brian, I would 100% agree with that. First of all, we know it takes five minutes. It’s a quick, it’s a quick setup. But send me a credit a campaign is a quick set. I mean, if you’ve got 10 minutes a week, you’ve got no excuse. But the thing with that is what we then do, if we look back at our dashboard, let’s say this job here, Gary garage door solutions. What we can do is at the moment, this camera, this one here was the question. See, we thought was interesting is in a poor state. Let’s say you run it for a week, you run a campaign, you get some interest, you may or may not convert some people. Three weeks later, restart it for another week. And then you go around with, hey, things have changed in your market since last month. Do you want to know who’s new? Do you want to know what’s changed? Look what’s happened over the last few weeks, the offers are changing in your market. So we’ve now got a second bite of the cherry. And one of the things that I think is really important is you mentioned a motion was the word you use that the staff this session, Alex is it’s that motion in the market. It’s not a snapshot in point in time. But stay still, as the advertisers come in new offers come in things change Google change layouts, you will start showing different types of ads and things. And we capture all of that. So if the environment changes, we know, but it gives you another marketing angle. Some of our customers are selling the report I’ve just showed you a minute ago, they’re selling that as a monthly offer saying Hey, Mr. client for 5099 bucks a month, I’m gonna send you a market report of Google ads in your in your city for your business every month. If I give zero fulfillment offer, they literally send them pay someone report once a month, and then nothing. For 99 bucks a month is a great foot in the door. 100% margin.

Alex Schlinsky  47:33  

Wow, I feel like this is a must need tool for any agency owner in space right now. Beginner veteran or expert whether you’re at $1,000 a month, or $100,000 a month, the value of having someone consistently position or their sole role is to use PPC Ad lab to generate more prospects. The case studies you guys are going to procure from this are mind boggling how much you’re going to be charging for this because you know, it’s gotta be worth at least $1,000 a month. This is epic. I mean, it’s pretty incredible. What we’re seeing here and the availability, the other competition in the space like SpyFu, or SEM rush, they don’t offer 5% of what you’re providing here. There’s so much insight and granular detail and ammunition that’s available for the audience here to be able to execute. This is something I want every pod client using Brian like, they can be utilizing this. And it doesn’t even have to be them like a VA can execute this for you with just the appropriate campaigns put together like the opportunities are endless here. Well, what does it look like to work with this route?

Rob Warner  48:49  

I’ll tell you in a second. But before I do, I just want to mention one other thing that we’ve seen, which is which has been interesting to what we’re getting people come to use the platform, and they’re either approaching us or agencies who just wants to know who’s bidding on their brand. And who’s what’s the competition doing in the market. And they’re paying big money for it. We’ve had one sign up the other day, that about 750 a month. And all we’re doing is just literally motoring. Now in this case, they’re directly with us, which is why I know it’s happened but they’re doing with agencies as well. Ladies are going hey, I will tell you what’s going on. bigger businesses, econ people using it for pricing data, because I didn’t show me this but you can see all the pricing data for econ stuff. You say? Yeah, that’s for another day. But the there are people making money without actually having to deliver other services just by using the tool which is kind of cool. It makes it for Be prospecting.

Brian Downard  50:00  

It ends up being a fulfillment strategy to then that’s ridiculous. Wow, yeah,

Rob Warner  50:04  

it’s literally 00 fulfillment. So in terms of cost of starting plan is $47 a month. What we’re doing, though, for pod members is are starting. So our system works on credits, each time you do a search, it uses a Google search credit. And our lope $47 plan has a new car, come on to our website and see it firsthand rather than we try and tell you things.

Rob Warner  50:46  

So our first $7 plan has 2000 credits. And we also restrict functionality in things like white label isn’t available. I want pod members, as you’ve said, I want it to be the tool of choice, we believe in it. Were so excited about this, we’re pushing it and working very, very hard on it. We’ve created a private hidden plan for pod members, that if you sign up for that $47 plan, it’s a seven day trial anyways, there’s no cost to it. If you want some free data, sign up and get some free data and job where two things happen. One is we unlock all the functionality. So you’ve got everything, not just the $47 plan functionality. So things like white label and things the white label is not in the $47 plan and making it available for you. And we’ve increased the credits from 2000 to 5000. So you can do a lot more a lot more data.

Alex Schlinsky  51:45  

Rob, would you how would you be interested in providing this to people in our Facebook group, the 6000 person Facebook group? Are those considered POD members are only paid members? What do you think?

Rob Warner  51:58  

I’m happy to support you and your community? Alex? Yes, I will support them in the Facebook group.

Alex Schlinsky  52:02  

Amazing. I was hoping we’re gonna say there, they can only do it if they pay me money, but fine, whatever. Just kidding.

Rob Warner  52:11  

This is your playground, not mine. So you

Alex Schlinsky  52:13  

guys, we brought Rob here to do this for you. Because we think this is a valuable tool for everyone in this community. Whether you are in pod or just in the seven figure sales savages group, is this something that’s a no brainer. There is no tool that is available to you today that provides a prospecting you methodology that’s as effective as this nothing. And this is our job. This is what we do every single day, we run a company called prospecting, on demand. Everything that people want in the agency space consistently is client acquisition. Yes, we talked about a lot of other things in pod. And yes, we coach a lot of other things on the get more client show, frankly, because Brian and I are sick and tired of just constantly talking about client acquisition. But when you bring yourself to realize there’s a tool available to you, that provides you with all the resources needed to have your time be more efficient, your prospecting being more effective. And you can pretty much handed all off to a VA that you can build through the stuff that Brian or Rob has shown on this video. This is a no brainer. This is absolutely worth what is it like less than a $2 a day, per month, or a $47 plan. You have to give it a shot plus a free trial. It’s a no brainer. Where can I drop this link for them? Rob, what’s the best way to get them access to this,

Rob Warner  53:37  

put it in the chat. Just put it in the chat here, I’ll put it in the Facebook chat. What I will do is when you sign up, because this is private, when you click on here, and you choose the thing. You don’t need to put a coupon code in here. Just go through the process, hit the live chat on our website, and say I’m a pod man and with pod, give me that pod plan. And we will in the backend, change your plan to give you the 5000 credits and all the features. So and it will lock you in at that. So you get that straightaway. But hey, I want to chat and ask and we’ll change you over to 5000 credits.

Alex Schlinsky  54:18  

Amazing. That’s absolutely incredible. 5000 credits for $47. What will get better that I’m very confident that what you’re looking at right now guys is an opportunity for a cost per acquisition of $47 or less. Consider this if you invest $47 And then invest a couple hours into actually implementing this and do some calling in order to also get them a booked appointment. If you get five booked appointments in close two of them, your cost per acquisition is 47 divided by two.

Rob Warner  54:55  

What we do is we start a job running and we’re having somebody outreach just The VA on our team outreach and go, Hey, we’re preparing a report for all the plumbers in Tampa. It will be available next week. Would you like a copy? Oh, wow. We’re not even waiting the week when we’re pre selling it before it’s ready. The moment it comes, then we go, Hey, you reports ready to jump on a quick call and we’ll show you.

Alex Schlinsky  55:23  

Wow, just amazing. Rob, I’m so grateful and appreciative that you were able to bring this to our community and show this off, and I can’t wait to have you in Chicago, it’s going to be epic. For anyone that is interested, we’re going to drop the link in the Facebook group. If you’re watching this on YouTube on replay, we will also drop it in the actual description as well. And then if you’re coming out to Chicago, you can meet Rob in person. And he’s also going to be presenting on how he’s using this tool effectively as well. What an incredible, get more clients show. I mean, that was just super epic and super appreciative of your time and insight, Rob, guys, this is just an unbelievable tool coming from a now former agency owner that sold his company. I think he knows a thing or two about helping you make money from your company. It’s pretty amazing what you’ve created.

Rob Warner  56:16  

So I know quite a bit about the space.

Alex Schlinsky  56:18  

Unbelievable, man. Just amazing. Brian, anything else before we wrap up today?

Brian Downard  56:23  

No, this has been excellent. Thank you so much for your time. I am super excited to introduce this to our clients as well, not just me. I’m sure some of them are here but really more intentionally introduced it to them in the community and in Chicago. So Rob, thank you so much for your time.

Alex Schlinsky  56:38  

All right, guys. So much. Go ahead, Rob. Sorry.

Rob Warner  56:42  

So it’s absolute pleasure. We’ve had a blast building this we didn’t build this to the club we’re building because we needed it. And it’s

Alex Schlinsky  56:48  

I love the best SaaS tools. By the way, the best SAS tools are building them when they are needed. Just amazing. Thank you guys so much for joining us today. We really appreciate your time. We will see you on the next GMC show you guys

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