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Congratulations, your order is complete and I’m sure you are keen to get access to everything.  
Please take a moment and I’ll walk you through everything you should have – step, by step, by step.


Here we go.

Look out for an email with the subject line: [Ad Testing As A Service] Welcome to the Workshop

The sender is – please make sure this is marked as important

This email contains your login credentials to access the members area.

The members area is at

Your email inbox

In your Inbox you will receive 2 further emails – one will be a product receipt.  The other your webinar registration for the live Workshop calls.

Make sure that you put the Workshops in your calendar – all 3 are noon EDT week commencing Monday March 20.

IMPORTANT: Your Workshop Access

Prior to the live Workshops in your members areas there are several services for you to sign up to – for free – we’ll be using them in the live sessions so I strongly recommend you get ahead and sign-up right away.